• July 28, 2021

A study about Alzheimer – A Mediterranean diet may safeguard against dementia and memory loss

In Alzheimer’s disease, the neurons in brain usually die. The massive responsible for the neurons death are specific protein deposits in the brains of affected persons, so called as beta amyloid proteins that create the bundles between tau proteins and neurons that baton together within the neurons. The major causes for these deposits are so far indistinct. Along with, the quickly enlightened shrivel that is an analyst of brain quantity can also be detected in the affected individuals. The main symptoms of Alzheimer’s are including agitation, disorientation and memory loss and also challenging behaviour. These are all outcomes of this disease.

According to the scientists, the routine Mediterranean such as dietary pattern with moderately more consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes and monounsaturated fatty acids like olive oil might also safeguard against the protein deposits in brain as well as brain atrophy. However, this diet has a lesser consumption of dairy products, saturated fatty acids and red meat. Regarding this, there is sum of 512 subjects with average years of around 70 took part in the study. Out of 169 of them are cognitively health and 342 were found as having a greater threat of creating the Alzheimer’s disease; because of the personal memory damage as well as mild cognitive damage, which is a forerunner to the dementia or initial grade relationship with the patients diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease.

An exclusive test series

The scientists also investigated about the brain atrophy and states that they done the brain scans with the magnetic resonance imaging, i.e. MRI scanners to decide the volume of brain. Along with these, the entire subjects underwent the multiple neuropsychological trials in that cognitive capabilities like memory operations are evaluated. Another research team also viewed at biomarker levels for the amyloid beta proteins as well as tau proteins so called cerebrospinal fluid of the 226 subjects. The Mediterranean also made poorer than those routinely consume vegetables and fish.

According to the consistent nutrition study, the Mediterranean diet also safeguards the brain from the protein deposits as well as brain atrophy, which could cause the dementia and memory loss too. Still, the bio-logical mechanism underlying this would have to be clarified in the upcoming studies. In further step, the Wagner and Ballarini planned to re-evaluate the participants of similar study in next four to five years to examine how their nutrition unhealthy or Mediterranean like can hugely affects the aging over time.


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