When is Happy New Year 2018? Countdown to New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

When is Happy New Year 2018? Countdown to New Year 2018 –¬†People celebrate New Year’s Eve by getting together with their friends and families. The parties generally have food items that are for both snacking and dinner. Chips, sandwiches, hot dogs, wraps, chicken etcetera. There are many people who cut the cake to celebrate a special occasion and a new year is no exception to that. One can get a new year themed cakes in bakeries. People often go for or host parties on the roof of buildings they live in.

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018
Happy New Year 2018

When is Happy New Year 2018?

Many people wait until the last minute of ending the year and then start counting numbers in a reverse manner like sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight etcetera to one. The enthusiasm increases with the numbers getting smaller in the countdown as then at that moment the year ends and a new one begins. Many people feel sad that one year just ended. But there are some people who see the glass half filled and are really happy about the beginning of a new year.

Why & When is Happy New Year Celebrated?

People go out and dance all night saying goodbye to the ending year and welcoming the new year. Clubs in cities get sold out around this time. People drink a lot of liquor celebrating the new year. There is a lot of traffic as many people get out of their houses and transport from one place to another. On TV, there are programs that summarize how the ending year was socially or politically or culturally.

Happy New Year 2018 Countdown – Countdown to New Year 2018

There are many weird traditions related to almost every occasion when it comes to celebration. It is believed that if you kiss a person at exactly 00.00 that is the exact moment where a year ended and another began, you will have that person to kiss for a whole year. That’s why people often kiss their loved ones at midnight on new year’s Eve. There is a parade on new years in New York City.

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